Why Connected Pack and Why CEC?

Mark Hewitt, CEO | Strategy & Innovation Lead

The 8 Critical Connected Pack Questions to Ask

What is the business benefit of Connected Pack?

We can provide the full business case using our Connected Packaging Value Attribution Model. We have successfully deployed this for over 160 brands around the world. 

What other strategies and programmes does it enable?

We provide the full business case for each programme using our Connected Packaging Value Attribution Model. Plus, we can also provide Brand Inspiration Reports to help brands and stakeholders understand what they could do.

What do I need to sacrifice on pack to make it ‘connected’?

A QR code takes up 15mmx15mm. It connects consumers to a digital experience and can house on-pack information to help free up space.

We can provide the Best Practices, Playbook and End-to-End Processes to make it simple and easy to deploy. Mi-View360TM ensures it’s automated, well governed and empowering for brands to deploy.

How does this fit with my sustainability goals?

We can provide the cases studies, trends, benchmarks and performance metrics needed to succeed.

What are the types of marketing content that can be included to really drive consumer value?

We can provide the data insights to show when and what content works best. Our Brand Inspiration Reports describe the UX that elicits the best performance.

What will it cost me?

Core costs include GS1 ready QR codes + tracking and reporting + Landing page content (if bespoke for Connected Pack).

We can help you pilot, test and learn before scaling and provide you with the ROI calculations. We are code agnostic and not a creative business ensuring we can procure all costs with you to optimize ROI to fit within best practice benchmarks.

How do I start?

Get a CEC Connected Pack Audit and Strategy Review.

We will provide a gap analysis that helps you understand what you need, create the business case that will convince senior leaders to invest and define the strategy and roadmap that will ensure deployment success.

Why CEC?

  1. Revolutionary Tech, Mi-View360TM
  2. World-leading benchmarks and insights.
  3. Code agnostic enables delivery of optimal ROI.
  4. Innovators, Co-creating AQR.
  5. 7 Global Awards won for our work in 2023 across technology, design, packaging, and the consumer experience.

Our Unique Mi-View360TM technology automates process, empowers teams and helps planning and reporting.

We have the most expansive set of CP data powering our benchmarks, performance predictions and consumer insights. 

We are code agnostic ensuring our advice is impartial and pricing is optimized. 

We are progressive, award-winning thinkers, continually innovating the experience having co-created Accessible QR codes with Zappar.


Contact mark.hewitt@cec-hq.com for more information or to get a free Audit and Strategy Review.

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