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What happens once consumers have your product in their hands? When do they use it, and how? What can you do to make their product experience more valuable and rewarding? 

Our Connected Packaging Insight Reports will help you understand what consumers do with your products in-store, in hand, at home or even at the point of disposal.

Our insights come from a growing data-set of more than 8bn Connected Packs from different sectors and across markets around the world to reveal answers to questions like:

  • When are people using and engaging with your products?
  • What drives people to scan?
  • What are the most engaging experiences that make people return?
  • What’s the conversion to service sign-up and sale?

Our Connected Packaging Insight Reports will help you turn behavioural insights into actions, inspiring brands to create experiences that will power your growth.

  • 01

    Product Moments Insight Reports

    Understand what consumers do with your pack from the moment they pick it up - whether on the move or in the home, by category or by audience.

  • 02

    Benchmarking Reports

    Review your Connected Packaging expectations. Reveal real results across categories, markets and use cases, compare calls-to-action, data collection, pack location and code design.

  • 03

    Technology Insight Reports

    Discover what’s available and what you could create with the variety of IoT platforms, codes and tech solutions available today and embrace the true potential of Connected Packaging.

  • 04

    Pack Accessibility Insight Reports

    Reveal how the blind and visually impaired engage with products, what this means for your pack design and how you could make your products even more inclusive and accessible.

  • 05

    Competitor Analysis Reports

    Learn what your competitors have deployed in-market and use our best practice analysis to help you identify new opportunities for growth.

  • 06

    Brand Inspiration Reports

    Visualise Connected Packaging ideas and consumer journeys to inspire your brands through a combination of our data, tech and consumer experience insights against your brand ambitions and objectives.

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