Our Culture

Transforming products into services for a simpler, fairer and more sustainable future.

Talent. Technology. Data.

Together, these elements can create transformative product moments capable of improving lives and communities at scale.

We, at CEC are in a privileged position. We’re able to help impact billions of products around the world and so we strive to deliver meaningful, accountable and measurable change across three key areas.

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    Digital Inclusivity

    We work to bridge the digital divide through the expertise and passions of our people.

    We do this both by working alongside your teams to:

    • provide the education and expertise needed to bridge gaps, and
    • Provide the technology and tools you need to scale and bring the data and learnings to your campaign.

    Read our Digital Inclusion and Accessibility Manifesto

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    We create a diverse, equitable and inclusive working environment that represents and serves our global community.

    This gives us the vision and know-how to co-create products, services and experiences that power transformative product moments, improving lives and communities. 

    Read about how we co-created the world’s first Accessible QR code

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    Sustainability runs through the very heart of our business.

    We’ve incorporated our Sustainability AI (Action-Intention) Index™ into Mi-View360™, giving brands a Connected Pack Sustainability Score. This can be used to configure action-orientated Connected Pack experiences to encourage consumer action around caring for our planet.

    Find out how we’re doing our bit for the planet

Our Corporate Entrepreneur
Leadership Model™

At CEC, we celebrate collaboration, empowerment and bold thinking. Our Corporate Entrepreneur Leadership Model™ reflects the values, attitudes and behaviours held by all of our team. These are essential if we are to work successfully with our clients and deliver the impact required, while ensuring each team member fulfils their potential.

Home to many inspiring people

  • Mark Hewitt

    Mark has spent his career helping businesses grow and lead in digital transformation. For the last 10 years he has successfully led brand, digital, technology and packaging businesses and worked with leading CPG brands, helping them operationalise Connected Packaging Programmes around the world. In 2022 he co-created the multi-award winning AccessibleQR code with Zappar.

  • Sarah Doery

    An experienced technologist and strategic, digital marketer, Sarah has led marketing and transformation projects with global businesses across the Technology, Automotive & CPG industries. She spent a decade in South East Asia, in specialist consulting and solution development for mobile, data & CRM. Then focussed on IoT applications from smart home to CPG. At CEC, she has been embedded in the scaling of connected pack programmes with our clients, to gain a deep understanding of requirements and ambitions. Now leading our product roadmap to build Mi-View360™ into a transformative, essential tool at the heart of Connected Packaging.

  • Ian Kelly

    Ian has extensive branding experience working with many of the world's leading CPGs in many different categories. For the last 10 years, he has spent his time helping brandowners transform their branding capabilities to embrace mobile first digital experiences through the development of their own global Connected Packaging programmes.

  • Laura Hoskin

    Laura’s career has been spent managing specialist technical projects with industry experience covering the Internet of Things (IoT) Media, Identity Management, omni-channel eCommerce and Insurance. She now uses her expertise to help global CPG brands leverage Connected Packaging using market best practice and innovation, as well as shaping our unique Mi-View360™ software.

  • Jake Moore

    Jake's background in marketing, technology & creativity has helped grow leading brands Worldwide. His work within CEC is focused on growing adoption of Connected Packaging programmes and best in class pack activation within the CPG industry.

  • Mary Smith

    Mary uses her vast knowledge and experience in brand design, marketing and the artwork process to ensure the successful delivery of Connected Packaging Programmes at scale. She is driven and inspired by ethical products and the innovative thinking and technologies that help empower people to make better, fairer and more sustainable choices.

  • Adnan Ahmed

    Based in India, Adnan leads the IT&D Quality Assurance function for CEC. His significant experience and knowledge of IT&D infrastructure ensures that Connected Packaging programmes for brands around the world are launched and scaled successfully and securely.

  • Alice Barrow

    Alice began her career as a Connected Packaging Intern at Unilever, working with global brands in the beauty and wellbeing sector. She recently graduated after reading Law at the University of Exeter and has since joined CEC to champion and lead inclusive user experiences, making packaging information accessible to all via the innovative Accessible QR Code.

Home to many inspiring people

Achieving transformative impact doesn’t happen overnight

Of course, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who would fit well with our team, but, beyond that, we are committed to growing great leaders. Leaders who can work hand-in-glove with our clients, delivering the transformative business value that our clients deserve.

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