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Mi-View360™ is our revolutionary Management Information System

Mi-View360™ will manage requests, ensure end-to-end governance and quality control and provide performance reports for all stakeholders. Developed by CEC, Mi-View360™ is a game-changer for brand managers, providing complete end-to-end control over their Connected Packaging performance and enabling scale, efficiency and automation across all of your Connected Packaging programs.

Plan and predict the business value of your Connected Packaging campaigns based on our large, real-time industry data-set, all within Mi-View360™.

Mi-View360™ in action

Delivering end-to-end governance, data quality, planning tools and reporting for real time optimisation and attribution of business value.


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    Forecast more accurately

    Plan your campaigns with confidence, and evaluate potential results with different use cases, markets, code positions and more when you see the potential returns for various metrics. Run forecasts and predict campaign performance more accurately by basing your predictions on real-time, real world data collated from billions of Connected Packs already in circulation.

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    Report more easily

    Understand what’s happening with your Connected Packaging performance from scan data and projected or actual sales data to online analytics. Filter data by product, market, country, city, day or month and contextualise against category and industry benchmarks for all the information you need to make informed decisions.

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    Manage Campaigns

    Review campaign performance all in one place. Easily set up campaigns, update sales data and view the scale of the full programme, or review by market, brand, or use case, all within Mi-View360™. This unique online portal makes management of campaigns, and obtaining and managing UTM tags and landing page URLs quick and easy.

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    Manage codes

    Set up and manage your QR codes. Establish approved templates for your marketing teams to choose from, generate QR codes, manage workflows, governance and tagging. Oversee multiple QR codes and campaigns, all within Mi-View360™, to get the very best returns from your campaign.

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Mi-View360™ secures your data with enterprise-level encryption and puts you, the data owner,  in control. Customisable user profiles mean you can choose which teams or individuals can access particular features, brands or data sets, according to their needs.

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