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Business Value Calculation

Understand the true value of your Connected Packaging with real-time data from more than 160 brands in all markets around the world. Our business value model and calculations can help you understand the potential impact of a Connected Packaging programme before you even get started.

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Connected Pack

Benchmarks & Best Practices

Our benchmarks and best practices derived from more than 8 billion Connected Packs, provide you with all the insights you need to design your Connected Packaging programme. Our benchmarks include  the real-time performance of packs by markets, by product categories, by use cases, by SKU’s and the business value attribution for short, medium, and long-term planning.

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Connected Pack


Scale faster with our Connected Packaging playbook. We’ll define the brief creation process, how to generate codes and integrate these into your packaging process. We’ll detail best practice for landing pages, how to amplify the campaign for maximum performance and we’ll write the guidelines to ensure precise tracking and reporting.

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Connected Pack

Tech Audit

Our technology audit will give you a clear understanding of the current Connected Packaging tech landscape. It will ensure you have the relevant workflows, IoT platforms,  data and analytics in place so you’re all set to scale your Connected Packaging in a way that makes commercial sense for you.

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Connected Pack

Training and Education Tools

We’ll train, educate, and inspire teams, right across your business. Using examples, case studies and inspiration taken from our extensive data insights, we make it easy to visualise how a successful Connected Packaging programme could bring your product to life, add value to your brands, and transform your business.

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Connected Pack

Specialist Programme Management

Our Connected Pack specialists use their expertise and experience to help you successfully plan and deploy all your Connected Packaging activities from the start. Supporting your teams end-to-end, we bridge the gaps between marketing, brand, pack, supply chain, IT, digital and data teams, with speed, precision and risk mitigation risks.

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