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Laura Hoskin, Connected Programme Specialist

Technology has moved on, so is it time we expect more from our packaging data?

It’s easy to appreciate the value of data. Data drives most things in the commercial environment, but are we limiting ourselves in the data we collect from packaging?

We spend hours considering how many sales we’ve made, why they’re up, or down, where they’ve been made and what activity drove that sale. But many brands still don’t recognise the benefit of data around what consumers are doing with the product in their hands.

Yet the potential benefits of this kind of information are endless. 

We believe that the value of this data hasn’t been fully recognised purely because it’s only recently that this kind of data has been accessible to brand owners. And, without solid use cases, it’s hard to justify spending time and money on exploring a new venture.  

How technology has unlocked a whole new set of insights

Connected Packaging, when set up, managed strategically and scaled effectively makes it possible for brand owners to understand their consumers in a whole new way. They can use data collected through pack scans to reveal when, where and how often your consumers use your product. It’s even possible to map a consumer’s journey through pages they land on once they have scanned to understand more about how the brand owner or product can bring value to the consumer and the consumer’s product experience. And, with greater value comes more sales, more often.

However, setting up a scaled QR code campaign does require time and, like most packaging products, an initial financial commitment. A brand owner must print a QR code on their packaging, and create a strategy and a landing site, all of which takes resource. Before they commit, brands understandably need convincing that the benefits are worth the outlay and time. 

Providing insights into CP potential

Working with some of the biggest brands in the world, we’ve noticed there is always a healthy tension between the passion of a product designer, a brand marketeer and those with their eye on the bottom line. When a brand sees the value in digitising their packaging, it can be a hard sell to convince those with the chequebook to invest in a strategy they don’t understand or can’t predict the value of. 

We make it possible for brands to understand the exact benefits that a scaled Connected Pack campaign could deliver. With our experience and tools, brands can attribute a monetary value to the engagement they could get from simply placing a QR code on the pack and using that to collate data and market insights that allow you to optimise, grow and drive brand preference. 

Mi-View360™: a view to the future  

We built the Mi-View360™ Management Information System (MIS) to make it possible for brands to understand, in advance of committing time, energy and financial resources to creating scaled Connected Pack campaigns, to give them an insight into what such a campaign could do for them. We use data gathered from Connected Pack campaigns all around the world, in all different industries to accurately predict success with a value you can report on. And because we forecast before launching, we can pivot campaigns and ensure we extract the most value from the campaign for both the brand and the consumer.

A good MIS does far more than just aggregate data from different sources. It gives you predictability and the opportunity to refine your campaign before you’ve even started.

As soon as your campaign is in progress, Mi-View360™ delivers real-time data to reveal progress against your target using multiple sources and comparing them to your baseline. It enables you to measure things such as how this is performing against your last campaign, or against a campaign you’re running in parallel which wasn’t optimised. With this tried and tested and, dare I say it, much-loved tool, our clients can enjoy easy reporting, no manual intervention and data-driven results.

Now, we can’t tell you how best to design packaging or create brand assets, but we can tell you which of those assets are going to work as media support and which part of the packaging your consumers notice the most.

Ultimately, we want to help our clients to ensure their consumers are using their products in the most effective way possible. Whether that’s shampoo, laundry detergent or stock cubes, if consumers get the most out of them at the point of use, their love of the product and, correspondingly, their love of the brand goes up and brand preference and memorability is the end result. Of course, the data collected and the insights delivered will also increase too. And, from there, the opportunities are endless. 

To discuss how Mi-View360™ could deliver insights into realistic expectations for your scaled Connected Pack activities, or how it can help you to measure campaigns you plan to run, contact mark.hewitt@cec-hq.com 


Written by Laura Hoskin, Connected Programme Specialist

Laura has spent her career managing specialist technical projects with industry experience covering the Internet of Things (IoT) Media, Identity Management, omni-channel eCommerce and Insurance. She now uses her expertise to help global CPG brands leverage Connected Packaging using market best practice and innovation, as well as shaping our unique Mi-View360™ software.

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